Diamonds In The Dark

Diamonds in the Dark

The History Channel has a series called "Life After People", the last episode examined the former German Diamond Mining town of Kolmanskop in Namibia, Africa which is in a desert wasteland. The town was chosen for filming "Life After People" because it was completly abandoned around the 1st World War and has been completely taken over by sand since then.

The site was a diamond mining town because of several factors. One factor was the very strong winds which actually blew diamonds in along with the sands of Namibia. These winds blew the diamonds all to one location. Another factor is the barrenness of the landscape. Namibia is also near a tectonic plate I believe, which would mean that instead of remaining coal, enough heat and pressure would combine to form diamonds. Diamonds are ofcourse, the hardest substance on earth and the only substance that can be used to drill under the ocean to deep buried oil deposits.

Due to the lack of water and vegetation, things that normally make a place prosperous, diamonds could easily be seen. In fact, the method of diamond hunting was to simply walk outside at night during the full-moon and they could be seen shining in the sand.

So, what's the life lesson of a small diamond mining town called Kolmanskop?

For someone to be a diamond, they must have endured not only the extreme amounts of pressure but to have also been through the fire. Pressure can create coal out of something once dying, but only pressure and baptism by fire can make a diamond.

Diamonds are also easily found in the barren places, when there is nothing to cover over their brilliance. Additionally, diamonds can be found in the darkest of times, like night at Kolmanskop, when they would be noticed due to their reflecting the light from above the dark hours.

The winds of change also blow the diamonds into our path. Turbulent events in life sort out the coal, which remains buried deep in hiding, from the diamonds which are sent to reflect their light.

Diamonds are also the only substance hardened enough by pressure and fire to dig deep for something precious. Coal and most other substances would dull or sharpen when confronted with an obstacle, diamonds have the hardness from their baptism of fire that allows them to penetrate barriers.

When choosing friends, Diamonds are the ones to find. They will dig deep and have been through the fire. It is in the barren and dark places in life that the diamonds get revealed, and separated from the coal.

Plumb, lyric "Nice, Naive, and Beautiful"
from the "Beautiful Lumps of Coal" album
Listen here:

She's only known heartache and pain
She's never known pain like this
She stands alone defending her name
Know that she's trying
to be who she is
Well is it so wrong
to be who we are
when all that she's done is fail?

A Cause she's so nice, naive, and beautiful
Why does she keep taking advantage?
Why does she live in a world so cold?
She takes advantage of the nice, naive, and the beautiful

Cold is the throne of her hardened heart
No one has seen the softest part
Day after night she holds an ache
but won't budge to show
the secret layers
Well is it so wrong to hang onto hers?
Maybe she could set it free

A Cause she's so nice, naive, and beautiful
Why did she get taken for granted?
Why does she live in a world so cold?
He took advantage of the nice, naive, and the beautiful

If you've been there, you know
If you're still there, hang on
We're all dealt our lumps of coal
What you do with it can turn beautiful

Well there's life outside of your madness
and there's a face behind every scar
But there's a love overflowing with gladness
Get out of that place that's restraining your love
I said get out of that place that's restraining you love

She's so nice, naive, and beautiful
She's so nice, naive, and beautiful


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