Her Name was Sacred, Did You Know Her?

Her  Name Was “Sacred” Did You Know Her?     Have you ever had the unshakeable feeling when you look around you that this Country has lost something special but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was? I have been struggling with that feeling of loss for many years now, every time I leave my front door it haunts me, every time I turn the dial of my radio or my television, every time I log on to Facebook I notice it’s glaring absence but the world goes by as if nothing had occurred that was noteworthy. What we have lost was once so familiar, such a comfort, such a daily reassurance that no matter what happens we would all be okay, that we took it for granted and we lost it like losing a loving grandmother. But some of us, some of us that knew it intimately, didn’t lose her like the grandchild who had only a fading memory. We lost her like the grandfather whose hand she had held her hand through good times and bad times, through poverty and prosperity, through wartime and peac…

The Olive Press

The OIlve Press
Lessons from the Farming Parables of Yeshua
The items used in the parables of Yeshua/Jesus make a consistent point. The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence (endures struggle and trials) and violent men take it by force (men who are acquainted with struggle and who have endured trial bring it to earth by pushing through struggle and trial).

The Scriptures tell us that before every harvest is complete there is a separation, as we see in the agricultural practices that produces Olive Oil for anointing, wine for marriage covenants, and bread from wheat and barley. These were produced by very violent means, sweating, muscle aching, often dangerous, dirty, unpleasant means.

The harvest wasn't gathered into a checking account, it would be gathered into heaven. Those who planted earthly seeds (money) would gather an earthly harvest (more money), thus missing the reward in heaven. Every seed reproduces after its kind, if you plant money, don't expect much more than money, an…

What's A Boy To Do? With No Man In His Heart

What's A Boy To Do, With No Man In His Heart? 
One of my favorite authors and the man who inspired me to be a Christian Counselor (and become a Christian) John Eldredge (who wrote "Wild at Heart"), has done a lot of work with men who never knew their fathers as boys, or whose fathers were unable or unwilling to initiate them into manhood. Either their fathers were physically absent or simply emotionally absent. In either case, the boys simply were never initiated into manhood by a secure attachment to another male figure. This often results in men unable to pursue and share in intimate relationships with their wives or any person for that matter. The lack of attachment to, and the lack of initiation into manhood by, a strong and good male figure opens the door for seeking false attachment and confidence through pornography or cheap sexual encounters in place of real intimacy a spouse, or even to homosexual relationships in order to find that attachment to a male figure. T…

Shields Together

Shields Together

In the writings of Rabbi Sha'ul/Paul, we find the instruction to fight with the shield of Faith. The shield that he was probably referring to was a first century Roman Shield which had some highly advanced technological features for the time.

One of these technological features was the preparation of the shield, which was made of metal and wood and coated in leather. Before every battle the shield was soaked in water by the soldier who would be using it. The purpose of soaking the shield was keep it from be burnt up by the fiery darts (actually bolts) that were launched by enemy war machines. The soaking of the leather kept it from falling victim to the darts/bolts that were covered in combustable pitch which would not only start and spread a fire, but actually combust in a small explosion upon impact.

So, how does one soak the shield of faith?

According to King David. One method was to meditate upon the Law of G-d. David's faith was increased by examining the rea…

Some People Change

Some People Change

Jim Tull.. former President of the East Coast chapter of the Aryan Brotherhood, Now a Born-Again Christian..To G-d Be All The Glory! 

In case you didn't know, the Aryan Nation is a white supremecist group more violent and organized than the KKK. They are modern Nazi's (Neo-Nazi's) and the largest prison gang in America. The film "American History X' starring Edward Norton gives a good look at them, also "True Believer" starring Ryan Gossling who plays a Jew that hates his Jewishness so much that he hides his heritage to become a skin-head.

Among other famous new Converts, we find Stephen Baldwin, Anne Rice, Bob Dylan (was Messianic but went back to regular Judaism), and Alice Cooper, Stephen Spielburg is a Messianic Jew,as well as the former guitarist for Korn who wrote a bestselling book about his conversion. Oh and I almost forgot about football great Reggie White. He not only became a Christian, but also became Torah Observant. ESPN di…

Just Keep It Between The Lines

Keep It Between The Lines

A Musical explanation of my entire ministry.

Faith in G-d, revealed in depending on G-d's Good Grace, living by G-d's Good Law, and empowered by G-'ds Holy Spirit, in the example of His Perfect Son who made it all possible by His Willing Sacrifice, Divine Resurrection, and Completely Sinless Life.

In Life, G-d has simply instructed us to "keep it between the lines" with full dependence and faith in Him to help us do so, and set us right when we stray.

Our ministry believes:

We believe that G-d is all-good and G-d is all-knowing, so He put the lines exactly where they need to be for us to do well.

We believe that His grace allows us to get back between the lines if we stray from them.

We can't stay between the lines on our own power, but only through His.

He doesn't change the lines, and we shouldn't try to either.

Joshua 1:7 Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commande…

The Bowing of Wheat

The Bowing of Wheat
We are all familiar with the parable of the wheat and the tares, but few understand the difference between wheat and tares. 

When wheat is fully mature, when wheat becomes fruitful, it bows its head from the weight. It reproduces after its kind, bread of life. The wheat bows its head down in the presence of the one with heaven's sickle having come to harvest His own from the earth.

When a tare is fully grown, it refuses to bow its head. The tare may reproduce after its kind, but its not fruitful, in fact, everything it produces is choking out life.

After I posted this note, a fb friend left this comment about physical wheat and tares as well:"Greek "Zizanion" literally means 'anti-wheat',
In the Hebrew "Zownin" means "nausea."
It is not a type of vetch, but a darnel; it is impossible to distinguish from the wheat, until the wheat's ear is fully developed, then the thin fruitless ear of the darnel is detected.
Its root get…